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Branding is not just for startups anymore. It’s not just for CMOs anymore. People are building brands even if they work in technology. And to build a brand, you need to look at your business from a branding perspective.

You need to ask yourself this. What do people think when I talk about my business both inside and outside? You need to figure out whether you want to be a thought leader, a thought factory, or a thought leader factory.

You need to figure out whether you want to be a brand that stands for something, or if you want to be a brand that does things. Brand building is now a skill you need to learn. 

And it’s not just about getting recognized for your work. It’s about making money, creating relationships, and helping people.

Being a tech entrepreneur means building a brand. This hand-picked guide will give you three ways to build a brand even if you work in tech.

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What Is A Brand? 

A brand is the combination of a company’s image and reputation. According to Neil Patel, it is much more than just a logo and a slogan.

If you work in tech, you know how busy and unpredictable things can be.

And when you’re not busy, you’re working on improving your skills, learning how to work smarter, and maybe even learning how to build a brand.

To be able to build a brand in tech, you need to be able to build brand awareness, have a good understanding of how the tech world works, and also be able to use a creative and strategic marketing plan.

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How To Build A Brand Even If You Work In Tech 

In the world of tech, there are many ways to build a brand. There are three specific ways that will be discussed in this guide. Stay with us. 

The first way is through personal branding. This is your chance to show off who you are and what you’re about in order to attract new clients and customers for your business. To build your personal brand, you need to first make sure you have a vision and a mission. This is important because it will help you to know what you stand for and stick to it.

Also, you need to have a clear idea of how you want to be perceived and the image you want to project. Use your own voice and personality to convey the values of your company.

The second way is through content marketing. How is your content marketing? Is it helping your business grow? Content marketing helps establish a company’s identity by creating meaningful content that will resonate with its audience and help them achieve their goals.

Through this, you can share stories about what inspires you, what you’re working on, and how it makes the world better. This breeds more connection between your brand and your audience. 

The third way is through social media marketing. This can be used for both personal branding and for the company’s brand. Social media helps companies create a voice and personality that will resonate with their audience and create a connection between them and their followers on social media platforms like Facebook.

Create social media accounts for your brand and use them consistently. Create an email address for your company as well and use it when signing up for social media platforms or posting comments on other people. This will help to create a consistent look and feel that is authentic to your company.


No matter what industry you’re in or what type of business you run, it’s important to have a brand. Learn how to make one for yourself that represents your business.


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