You say N150k+ for an E-commerce website? True! But only till the 31st of May 2021, get your own eCommerce website to sell your products online from just N31,997.

eCommerce Website Design Special Promo for N31,997 only till the 31st of May 2021.



We’re Davzia iPromoterz, and we deliver digital marketing that produces intended Results. We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses just like yours to deliver world-class marketing campaigns with the sole goal of business growth. We’re experts in website design, search engine optimisation, social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising and other digital marketing services. We drive online growth using digital marketing for businesses in Lagos, Nigeria and across the globe. Let’s make it happen.



The importance of getting an eCommerce website for your retail business can not be overemphasized – Are you into Agriculture, Manufacturing, Clothing, Cosmetics, – does your business rely on the internet for customers and sales? Then you obviously need an eCommerce website in order to effectively sell your products. Retail businesses have to have an online presence in Nigeria to survive into the future and to keep up with competitors. An eCommerce store is beneficial for any business that offers products or services for sale.

If you’re a small business owner or you are just starting out on your business venture, like many, you may think there’s no benefit in having a website when you can do most things simply using a social media Platform!  
But is this enough if you have ambition and you want to thrive within the business marketplace in Nigeria! Maybe you think you can’t afford a professional website so you get a freebie from a friend and try to do it yourself instead.

But, wake up, smell the coffee, websites work! They bring a new dimension to your business venture.  With an informative website, your business enterprise can change overnight or within minutes as in an instant moment people from all over the world suddenly have access to what you can do and offer!

Regardless of your business or profession, a website can generate opportunities, promote goodwill among customers and create prospects for both service providers and customers. With a concise and specific marketing message, your customer base can multiply tenfold within minutes. 

eCommerce Website Design Special Promo for N31,997 only till the 31st of May 2021.


Only till the 31st of May 2021, get an affordable eCommerce website for your retail business for only N31,997. Yes! That’s right! Just N31,997 for a professional looking eCommerce website designed to get you tons of sales online.



Get everything below for only N59,997 Today!
N 31,997
  • A Full fleshed HomePage / Landing Page to your eCommerce Business.
  • A Store / Product Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout Page
  • About-Us Page
  • Contact-Us Page
  • Paystack Payment integration to receive online payments directly to your Bank account.
  • Shipping Cost built into your website with special shipping cost to all locations your business covers.
  • Promo Coupons created for you (Incase you want to offer special discounts)
  • 1-10 products added FREELY (For more products you pay extra N2000/product creation).
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We build relationships with our clients based on trust. We’re an honest digital marketing agency and, with us, you’ll never be in the dark. Let’s work together to make your business a success.

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"Davzia is Awesome! Their attention to details is outstanding. They don't just help with your project, they focus more on getting you the intended results which you can't find anywhere else. They've shown that relationship matters more and i see myself working with them for long term!"
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eCommerce Website Design Special Promo for N31,997 only till the 31st of May 2021.

The Core Davzia iPromoterz eCommerce Principles

Every eCommerce build is slightly different, but there are still some core principles that guide each project.

1. First Impressions Count

With no other evidence to go on, visitors judge the quality of your service and products by the quality of your website, so it’s crucial that yours looks truly world-class. We build fully responsive layouts that look amazing, without sacrificing conversion rate optimisation.

2. Websites Should Be Built to Convert

eCommerce visitors are used to the ease of Jumia or Amazon, so every one of our eCommerce builds focuses on shortening the buying process and removing obstacles between the visitor and the conversion.

One-page checkouts, intuitive navigation, simple variation selection and compelling product pages all add up to more conversions, which means more profitable marketing and faster scaling up.

3. Product Pages Should Work HARD

Most eCommerce product pages are slacking off big time with poor quality, short and generic product descriptions, a lack of video and few user-generated reviews. Frankly, this is not good enough. If Amazon thinks that it needs over 1,000 words to sell a £1.99 Kindle book to regular customers, why should a couple of sentences ripped from the manufacturer’s website be enough for you?

We’ll build your product pages to allow you to add this content along with user-generated reviews and product videos. Our professional Copy Writers can even write your product copy for you if you prefer.

4. Every eCommerce Website Should Have Built-in SEO as Standard

We optimise all your eCommerce website’s core pages during the website build, saving you time and money when compared to optimising them afterwards. We’ll write and optimise your category page text, handle your metadata, look after redirects and handle the submission of the website once it’s live. All this is included as part of the build — no extra charge.

And because the SEO is handled by our in-house professionals — rather than a Developer who read a book about SEO once — you know the work is up to standard.

5. Mobile-Friendliness

Obviously, your eCommerce website needs to be mobile-friendly. But, more than that, your eCommerce website needs to be “mobile-first.” If you are to generate a lot of your traffic from social media advertising, for example, a significant proportion of your traffic is going to be from mobile. Any conversion blockages that occur as a result of a poorly optimised mobile experience can massively impact the profitability of your traffic channels.

Every eCommerce website we design is built with mobile users in mind. By using responsive design as standard, we ensure that the shopping experience is smooth for visitors, whatever size device they are on.


We’ve made it easy for our clients to pay for our Services with ease without breaking the bank!


100% Upfront Payment (We give further give out 5-10% Off the total Payment for clients who go with this option)

[For Example: if the Total Payment is N100,000 then the Full N100,000 is paid to commence work where we will return back N5000 - N10,000 to the client as 5-10% discount]


First Payment of 70% to commence work then second payment of the remaining 30% after job completion.

[For Example: if the Total Payment is N100,000 then N70,000 is First paid to commence work then N30,000 paid immediately after the Last Review of the Project]


First Payment of 40% to commence work then the remaining 60%+15% interest is divided for the next 3 Months.
Only Available for Payments above N100,000

[For Example: if the Total Payment is N100,000 then N40,000 is First paid to commence work which the remaining N60,000 + N15,000 = N75,000 is shared within 3Months to pay N25,000 per Month]


First Payment of 30% to commence work then the remaining 70%+25% interest is divided for the next 6 Months. Only available for Packages over N500,000

[For Example: if the Total Payment is N500,000 then N150,000 is First paid to commence work which the remaining N350,000 + N125,000 = N475,000 is shared within 6Months to pay N79,166.7 per Month]


    You can call us on 012295710 / 08138043710


    Below are some of our most frequently asked Web Design and Development questions and answers.

    There’s not one single answer to this question. A website design is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. Every website is unique and requires different components; we design and develop custom websites specifically for your business. We’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a price quote based on that assessment. Our smallest package starts at $250 (N99,000). Please contact us at [email protected] to begin the quote process started!

    Our standard timeline is 7-21 Days to complete a website but this depends on the project since the size and pace of any project is set by each client. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your feedback, how soon the content is provided – all this affects the speed of completion. The functionality and revisions required will also play a role in your timeline.

    No! Though we’re a Web Designer in Lagos but we work with clients not just in Lagos or other states in Nigeria but all over the world and can communicate by email, scheduled calls and Zoom meetings.

    Yes! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn to manage the content on their own website. You will have full access to the backend of your new website to make simple text updates, photograph changes, new products and pricing can easily be changed on your own. However, we do recommend a professional web designer in Lagos like us😁 to complete more complex changes and maintenance such as plugin updates, design or structure changes, and complex functionality requirements. We provide hourly tutorials upon completion of your website at $20 (N7,900) per hour if you are interested in learning how to navigate through the backend to make minor updates independently from our web design Agency in Lagos.

    We can help maintain your website, or you can do so yourself with the more minor changes. The choice is 100% up to you. We provide on-going support for many of our clients but it is not mandatory. You can contact us as you require updates to your website and we will provide an hourly quote based on your requests.

    Yes! We’ve partnered with reliable web hosting providers to providing our clients with secured and stable platforms for their Websites. But you’re Free to choose which ever web hosting you see fit for your website.

    Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! Our web design Agency in Lagos work hard to ensure your website is responsive on modern devices and browsers.

    A lot! We’re professional web designers in Lagos who are capable of building a world class website for you, but your input and feedback is crucial to this website design and development process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality.  We also request you to provide sample websites before we begin your project. Remember this is your website and we need your help and direction as to your final vision.  We’re a team and look forward to hearing your ideas so we can solve real problems not just design websites.

    We require that you provide all of the text content for your website. You are the expert on your business, so it’s always best if it comes from you. If you need  assistance, our web design Agency in Lagos have copywriters on the team who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost of N7,900 per 500 words.

    No! WordPress is the best content management system that powers more than 42% of the world wide web. Its huge market share is due to it’s flexibility and ease of use. From minimal, informational, template websites that are to the point – to a more custom website with specific functionality to achieve your website goals, we’ve worked on all kinds of websites and worked with countless industries all on WP. But we work on all Websites as long as you can imagine it we can code it!

    We are only an email or call away! We’re here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we’ll be available even beyond the launch of your new website. Our team takes pride in building a long term business relationship with our clients and we look forward to the opportunity to work on your future projects or growing your website further. We’ve been doing this since, so we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to request a quote or ask a question about your web design in Lagos or any other location in the world.

    No, the build of your website does not include monthly SEO. All items that we add to your website including text, photos and video can be seen by Google but that doesn’t mean you will rank #1.  We do, however, provide top notch monthly SEO services with our team of specialists who are ready to assist with your SEO needs! You can learn more about our Lagos-Nigeria Search Engine Optimization here.

    Yes! we work with all types of businesses – new, small, to big corporations. We are excited to work and guide new businesses who are passionate about taking their first steps into an online presence and making their vision come to life.

    If required, our website designers in Lagos will assist you in finding free stock images from websites such as Pixels and Unsplash.  Your assistance and direction will be required to find the perfect images, photographs, graphics, vectors for your website and your brand.

    Upon agreement of the quote presented, we will accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Cash and A Lot More.

    Contact us by email at [email protected] with your website details (current or new project), page breakdown, and any sample websites to reference. Upon review, our website designers in Lagos will provide an estimate for your project or schedule a call to discuss further.

    There’s no doubt that there are other website designers in Lagos out there who might do a great web design job for you. That’s a fact! But if you’re like us and looking for a web design Agency that truly cares about you & your business, not just your money then we’re the right relationship for you.

    We’re not just a website designer in Lagos but a Marketing and Branding Agency in Lagos Nigeria. We help businesses of all sizes grow & expand through our services like; Digital Marketing (SEO, Facebook ads, PPC ads, Web Designs, Branding, Software Development and others.)

    Money doesn’t grow our business
    the successes of our clients do!